Friday, 13 March 2015

Totes,Bags and Wallets : Cruelty Free

Time for some colour : Spring bags and wallets

Check out these animal friendly selections :

Red  Chain Rucksack
 made from sustainable cork leather

 Yellow Tote
   #vegan from sustainable cork

Red Citibag
 sustainable #vegan cork leather


Or how about a nice #vegan wallet clutch

 All part of The Primrose Hill Set from


  1. The Red Citibag looks like my kind of bag. I had too many handbags and had get rid of a lot. Same with shoes! ;-)

  2. Ha ha ~ I don't know if my wife ever throws any out, they just move up to the attic 😀

  3. My favourite is yellow one, looks lovely and very summery :)

  4. Well if I had a loft mine would end up there hehe! At least nail polishes are small and easy to store!! Does your wife like to paint her nails? :-)

  5. Yeah but she is a pretty traditional girl with her reds and pastels